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The thrust of our business is in bags for a multitude of applications, mainly for sales promotion and packaging. This has let us into transparent, opaque and semi-opaque (Glassine) envelopes and bags, liners and sacks for use in many fields. We offer these ex-stock and bespoke in volumes and at prices that suit most pockets. An ongoing theme is the tension between paper and plastic material when applied to envelope, bag and sack manufacture.

Polythene products

  1. Polythene sheeting centre-folded sheets 3 feet opening to 6 feet; 6 feet opening to 12 feet
  2. Lay-flat polythene tubing
  3. Polythene bags - plain or printed
  4. "E"tailing self-seal bags
  5. Gripseal bags
  6. Refuse sacks and bin liners
  7. Coloured sacks
  8. Transparent, opaque and translucent carrier bags
  9. Big carrier bags
  10. Compactor sacks
  11. "Crown" range bin liners
  12. Printed polythene bags and pillowpack bags
  13. Gimble-tags

Packaging highlights
Paper products

  1. Brown kraft rolls: 500, 600, 750, 900, 1150mm
  2. Tissue white/coloured and cut to size
  3. Sparkle tissue
  4. Paper carrier bags
  5. Paper sacks
  6. Random design paper bags
  7. Blue diamond paper bags
  8. Gift-wrap rolls
  9. Stylewize board, butterflies and stuffers
  10. NEW: Archival paper interleaving sheets
  11. NEW: Translucent Tuf paper envelope