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Product highlights

Our Products

Our range of products

As part of English manufacturing we do our best to manufacture and offer a service for that which is best, produced in this country.

In this context we would mention our new locally manufactured Élégance lever arch files in moulded plastic. We offer these with a special introductory offer together with our HiGrade black plastic sacks (stationery section) 200@£22+vat or our economy quality 400@£20+vat collected, both to include a free sample of the Élégance lever arch file.

Together with our new translucent and coloured Tuf paper envelopes we hope to find favour in our local British market, as well as elsewhere.

We are also introducing specialised imported "Archival Paper Interleaving Sheets" as an input to English manufacturing as well as competing with other imported Gimble tags.

Product highlights

And finally we are proposing software to control backroom operations for manufacturers as a marketing tool to assist and back up sales promotion.